Monday, February 18, 2008

Start Saving Craft Supplies

Even though our child is still just a baby and hasn't yet developed the requisite motor skills for gluing macaroni to things, my wife and I have thought ahead and started a craft materials collection. Here's a photo of one of several boxes of supplies we're saving for the future creative endeavors of our little Renaissance man:

It's never too early to build a cache of these things, so before you throw something out or recycle it, think about it for a moment in terms of whether something awesome could be made from it. A (very limited) list of such handy items includes:

  • Egg cartons
  • Coffee cans
  • Empty jars (If these are glass jars, you should set them aside in a separate box for items not suitable for younger crafters.)
  • Oatmeal cans (These also make great toys for baby. Our boy LOVES his Quaker Oats can!)
  • Random swag you get from the bank, your real estate agent, or drug rep family members that you have no practical use for (Calendars, stress-relievers, keychains, who-knows-what-else...)
  • and make sure you're saving your toilet paper rolls!


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