Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Safe Ambience: LED Candles

Having a little one in the house has caused us to stop using candles altogether. It's not that you have to do this yourself, but since you have to be so careful with such things in a house with a child we decided just not to have them around. But we have often enjoyed the mood that candlelight can set, and would like to be able to achieve that without the open flame and the fumes. Enter modern technology! Now there are numerous different simulated candles available using LED lights.

To test this out, I picked up a two-pack of some cheap LED tealights at Hobby Lobby, and I think they're really cool. The ones I have are pretty basic, but they provide a pleasant, little glow and a simulated flicker (not perfectly realistic, but still nice). If you want to put a bit more money into this project, there are more realistic models available that use multiple LEDs for a brighter glow and better flicker, as well as models that are rechargeable.

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