Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saving Scratch on Diapers

An important part of my job as a half-time stay-at-home dad is saving the family some money. This includes watching for sales and using coupons. I consider myself to still be using super-saver training wheels, but I'm quickly learning from the master: my wife. Here's a deal she discovered on diapers at CVS (partially via Baby Cheapskate, partially via her own incredible moxie). Now pay attention, this has a lot of moving parts.

This week CVS has a deal where you get $15 back in CVS Extra Bucks when you spend $30 on participating products. If you don't have a CVS card, you should head to their website and sign up for one (though you might not have it in time to take advantage of this particular deal).

Do you see what one of those participating products is? Huggies jumbo packs! I picked up four to bring the price above $30. Now what else can I save?
Wellllll, sir, I'll tell you! We received an offer from CVS for new cardholders that gave us another $4 in Extra Bucks.
Wait! Wait! We aren't through saving! We received a couple of $1.50 coupons from Huggies in the mail and printed a couple of $1.00 coupons from coupons.com. Below, we see the receipt (The $4 in extra bucks isn't pictured - they're emailing it to me or something ::shrug::)

And then below we see the $15 I get back.

So that's $28.88, minus $4, minus $15, which equals 9.88 for 160 diapers. This is 6 cents per diaper. This is unheard of, especially since diapers recently went up in price.

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