Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Discount Me, Please

Many online retailers give out special "coupon codes" via email, newspaper ads, coupon books, etc. These coupons can give you a very attractive discount on items you buy online, but of course you aren't in the know about every coupon that's available when you're buying something. Retailmenot.com aims to provide a one-stop clearinghouse of currently available online coupon codes. I used it to get 10% off the Barnes and Noble order I mentioned in my previous post!


Anonymous said...

I actually just found the website and used it to get a 20% discount at www.shopadidas.com.

Simply amazing, and a great find indeed.

Kristine said...

This is great. It never hurts to try a google search too: "(name of retailer) coupon code" or something similar (discount code, promo code, etc). I am often able to get at least the cost of shipping deducted from my order.