Friday, March 7, 2008

In the infirmary

(Cleverdad is not feeling well. He will return Monday)

The lovely ladies at daycare informed us that the baby has hand foot mouth disease, a common, mild illness that is likely almost over. The baby's doctors completely overlooked the symptoms that obviously pointed to this, and instead ordered chest x-rays and proclaimed it to be a combination of RSV (which he is too old for) and skin rashes due to poor babycare from his parents (which is insulting). And these clowns spent how much on medical school?

As for Cleverdad, he seems to have contracted some sort of nasty bug that gave him a fever of 104 degrees (he likely picked it up in the ER where the baby was getting his unnecessary radiographs). The combination of the fever and the body aches makes me very concerned that he has the flu. So far he hasn't shown any respiratory symptoms, aside from a slight cough, so hopefully he will wake up tomorrow feeling terrific. If not, Clevermom has a lot of work ahead of her.

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